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Birds: Exhibition of Creator’s Creativity- June 17, 2007

Justin Vollmar in one of his Sunday School lesson about God’s creation.


Fifth Day of Creation

Astronomy: Men’s Tool to Study the Universe

Evolutionists’ Predicament – Plants

Importance of Creation

This video clip is from My good friend, Justin Vollmar, taught on the Importance of Creation. This lesson is about the Gap theory, the theory that the Christians attempted to reconcile with the evolutionary theory.

Who is God? (Part 3)

Finally, the third part to Rev. Justin Vollmar’s sermon, “Who is God?”

To see other parts, click PART ONE PART TWO.

A very special thanks to Scott Brader of East Delavan Baptist Church. Even though he is a Hearing person, he was able to film Justin’s sermon very well. He is learning some ASL and he is a great asset to EDBC!

Who is God? (Part Two)

This is the second part of Rev. Justin Vollmar’s sermon.

To see the first part of the sermon, click HERE.